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Bethlehem Event Highlights:


2015 Mandate-Worship, Witness, & the Word

2014 Pastor & Wife Celebrating First Anniversary 

P & W Anniversary photo

P & W Anniversary LimoP & W Anniversary WifeP & W Anniv Dennis P & W Anniv Wife Brunch
P & W Anniv Dollie


  P &  W Anniv Mother Exum 

P &  W Anniv Pastor Mathis
2013 Bethlehem Baptist Church Easter Service/Program:  

    Bethlehem Baptist has done it again! Sunday March 31, 2013 Bethlehem Baptist gathered in full force to celebrate and worship on THE day that  remembers the greatest story ever told!  Easter Sunday is the day we know to be as the greatest battle of all, when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rose  from the grave and declared His dominion over death and made it possible for us to have a place in Heaven. Even with an early service, the members, family, and friends of our beloved Bethlehem showed up in their best, to worship as one. 

And what Easter would be complete without an Easter program.  The youth of Bethlehem once again showed that age doesn't matter when it comes to doing GOD's work.  It was truly a great time had by all and once again we have to take time to thank each and every person that came together to play a vital role in the success of yet another glorious day.

    Below are a few images from the day and a link to a video presentation of more images.  Enjoy and GOD bless.